Get Home Insurance Claim Paid

Let’s file your claim.

We negotiate with your insurance after storm damage to get home repairs paid.

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Get Claim Paid

We file your claim for you with an estimate, storm report, and documented damages. Then we take care of the negotiations. That means no stress for you.

Insurers deny claims because the burden of proof is on you, the insured. Let us take on the burden for you.

Roof Hail Damage Experts

Proving hail damage on your roof is our speciality. Insurance companies will deny cases if they aren’t well documented. We build a case for you.

Your First Steps
Submit your claim with us.
We review your insurance policy and give you a plan of action.
Sign our contract based on our pricing plans or we’ll give Free Consultation on other options.
We build and file your case, then negotiate with your carrier.

“We want to make the insurance claims process easy for you. Our mission is to provide you with the best communication with updates anytime as we fight for your claim.”

Streater Kelley

Founder, Big Blue Claims LLC

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Help Chat

Our great customer support is always here to chat right here on our website about your insurance claim. Reach out to us anytime and we’ll ensure you’re taken care of. We are your problem solving team.

And once you have an account with us, get updates on your case progress anytime when you log in.