No Hiding Our Prices: Our Simple and Easy Plans
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Being upfront with our customers is what the foundation of this company. We want you to know everything so there are no surprises and you’re happy. We don’t want you to be unhappy and have to call us, but if we do, we’ll solve the problem.

It’s better to build a good system than to constantly be solving problems. It’s better to be proactive than reactive. We don’t want to be always putting out fires since this causes inefficiencies, slows things down, and lowers employee morale… and then customers aren’t happy.

This all starts with our pricing plans. It’s part of our proactive approach to not only have a clear page describing our plans but making the prices fair.

Typical Fees in the Industry

Now in some states the maximum a Public Adjuster can charge is 10%. This was an attempt to regulate the industry in order to crack down on shady unfair pricing practices. But this results in most Public Adjuster just focusing on larger clients. They can’t afford to work on smaller homes at 10%.

But most states do not have caps on fees. So Public Adjusters will charge clients with small loss claims between 20% and 50%! If you ask them what they charge they’ll say: “well it depends on the case.” That means they don’t have good prices and they have to talk you into signing their contract just like a used car salesman.

They’ll charge clients with large loss claims (including commercial buildings and mansions) a lower rate. Usually between 10% and 15%. Since these cases are bringing in $100,000 or more for them, Public Adjusters will agree to a lower percent fee because they will still make a lot of money.

We Believe in Lower Fees

We want to be upfront about what are fee is so you know what you are getting. Some states allow for expenses to be added on top of the % fee. We don’t do this. We believe in a clearly stated price so everything is included in our advertised fee. No added expenses. This is clearly stated in our contract. If you signed up for our 10% fee that is all you will pay if we win your claim. No additional costs. It’s all included!

Twenty US states have some form of fee cap between 10% and 25% in order to prevent Public Adjusters from over charging. So far as of the writing of this article, we only operate in 2 states that cap fees. New York State caps all fees at 12.5%. Colorado has a cap at 10% for all catastrophic storm damage cases.

Bottom line, you know what you’re getting with us. And if it isn’t clear and you have additional questions, let us know! We will continue to update to ensure we have the easiest process for our customers.

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