Oklahoma Storm: How to File a Claim?
hail on roof

If your home is damaged after last night’s storm, now is the time to start the insurance claims process. Hail the size of golf balls and several tornados caused damage throughout the state. Norman, OK saw the biggest impact. Many roofs were blown off and many impacted by the heavy hail.

But what do you do now? First you can contact your insurance company to inform them that you will be filing a claim. They can give you claim forms to fill out and submit. They want to make the process seem easy.  But the burden of proof is on you to prove the damages. There is a good chance they could deny your claim if not well documented. We can take on that burden for you.

The main thing you need is an estimate. Many contractors will do this. You may want to get an estimate first before you shop around. If you work with us, we can provide you with an estimate and storm report. We can then file the claim for you and negotiate with your carrier.

Since we are licensed Public Adjusters in the State of Oklahoma, we can negotiate with your carrier on what your policy covers. Contractors will offer to work with your Insurer but they can’t legally talk to them about your policy. They can only talk to them about what the damages are.

Now you can file your claim yourself. But we can do all the work for you building your case. If you file your claim with your insurance carrier yourself they will either pay out or deny your claim. But if we handle your case we can do some negotiating during the process. 

There are no guarantees in this process. Insurance companies don’t want to pay out claims even if they are legitimate. No one can promise a payout. But we will make the process for you as easy as possible. We will handle all the work. 

Talk to us today if you have any questions.

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