Our Story
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About Us

Our story begins with Emmy Award winning journalist (2011 Hurricane Irene news coverage) Streater Kelley founding the Public Adjusting firm Big Blue Claims in 2021 after working for a Adjusting firm in Nebraska.

Big Blue Claims LLC is a bonded and licensed Public Adjusting Company focused on building long term relationships with our clients as well as others in the insurance claims industry. The goal is spreading knowledge about property insurance so everyone is informed of all their options whether they work with us or not.

How We’re Different

  • Free Policy Review to figure out your options
  • Free DIY help if you want to fight your claim yourself
  • Free help and information before signing up
  • We advertise our fees (no surprises): 5% for all total losses, 10% for roof claims and supplements.
  • Stay in the loop: Regular email updates and contact us anytime for an update
  • Sign up right here on the website when you’re ready, never feel pressured
  • We’ll help you find the best options, even if it’s not working with us
  • 24/7 Problem Solving Customer Support that solves any complaint so that you’re always happy (and hopefully leave us a great review!)

What We Do

We build a case against your denial with our investigation into your damaged property. Then we negotiate with your insurance company for the right settlement on your behalf.

You pay no upfront costs while the investigation is underway. You don’t pay anything until your claim has been paid. If we don’t win your claim, you pay nothing.

State Public Adjusting Licenses

We’re licensed and bonded in several states and growing:

  • New York (license #: PA-1646993)
  • South Carolina (license #: 19680086)
  • Iowa (license #:3001284042)
  • Oklahoma (license #: 3001097801)
  • Colorado (license #: 670292)
  • Missouri (license #: 3001937190)
  • New Mexico (license #: 3001978035)
  • Wisconsin (license #: 19680086)
  • Michigan (license #: 1125755)
  • Kentucky (license #: 1201374)
  • North Dakota (license #: 3001919771)
  • North Carolina (license #: 3001091092)
  • Minnesota (license #: 40803318)
  • Indiana (license #: 3797366)

Working for You

We’re a new company with an innovative approach to making the insurance claims process as easy as possible. It just takes less than 10 minutes to sign up. Then follow your case progress, just like tracking a FedEx package, so you stay in the loop as we keep your case moving.

But we know you’re a busy person, so if you sign up, we take care of everything for you so it’s stress free. We’re here when you’re ready. And it’s easy to sign up right here on the website!