The Hidden Dangers of Hail Damage
hail on roof

Hail storms may not appear to be the strongest storms but those chunks of ice pack a punch on your roof.

The larger the hail, the deeper the damage. These just aren’t ice cubes. They are like heavy rocks of ice. After the storm, the damage to your roof may seem small. It may be hard to spot the dents. But the underlying damage can cause problems down the road.

With larger hail the damage is more obvious. But smaller hail 1 inch hail can still cause problems. Especially after a storm that lasts more than 7 minutes.

Spotting the Damage

We’re trained to spot these dents in your shingles. These are the points of impact for the chunks of ice. Your roof will be covered with hits after a major hail storm. But not all dents in your roof could be from hail damage. It’s important to differentiate from wear and tear in order to prove your case.

The hits to your roof that we need to look for are the ones in-between the shingles. These dents prove that they are hail hits and not old wear and tear. If a dent is in-between shingles, this is caused by an impact.

Long Term Problems

These impacts in-between the shingles are also the spots that give future rain water an opening to cause leaks in your roof down the road.

Over time, these leaks will become greater and greater with every storm. By the time you notice the leaks it could be too late to file a claim or fight a denied claim. That’s why it’s important to take action sooner than later.

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