Why Hire A Small Loss Public Adjuster?
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Our focus is on helping clients with small loss insurance claims for roof damage. We specialize in these cases because no one else wants to. The insurance companies, lawyers, and other public adjusters overlook these cases. Our work process is specifically geared towards customers with cases like this.

But what is a Small Loss Claim?

Well most Public Adjusters focus on large loss claims including mansions and commercial buildings. Small loss claims include smaller homes, or damages under about $20,000. Because we are focused in this market segment, we are able to streamline our process to keep our prices at 5% for total loss and 10% for all other cases. 

Large Loss Public Adjusters got into this business to make a lot of money and they see more dollar signs with mansions and commercial buildings. These clients demand special attention. These Public Adjusters never pass up an opportunity for a dollar and will sign on small loss claims as well. But they end up over looking these cases and they become forgotten.

Another reason for this: their employees work on commission. That means they are more motivated to win the big cases for big checks and are less excited about everything else.

Comparing Our Fees with Competitors

In order for these other Public Adjusters to get their employees excited about handling smaller cases, they have to charge a higher percent between: 20 and 50 percent! That’s too much.

They also don’t advertise their prices for a few reasons. They don’t want to scare you away with their high price tag at first. Also, they don’t specialize, so they handle multiple market segments from high end to low end. It would be confusing if they advertised all their different prices. So they say their prices are on a case by case basis.

They will justify these high prices by saying they are offering a premium product. But this just means less money in your pocket when the insurance company finally pays out the check you deserve. If you worked with another Public Adjuster and they won a $10,000 check for you and they charged you 50%, you only get $5,000. 

If you work with us and we help you win $10,000 from your insurance company, with our 10% fee… you get $9,000! That’s $4,000 more that you get to go towards your roof repair so you’re paying less out of your pocket.

How are we able to do this? Specialization

Streamlining our process through specialization works to drive down costs because we are hyper focused on similar cases. We don’t take on mansions with intricate roofs or commercial buildings so we don’t run into many problems.

Also, because we specialize, our prices are simple and we display them on our website. And our system allows us to treat every customer equally so no one gets left behind. We won’t be favoring a bigger clients that demand more attention.

We also specialize in other ways to keep fees low for you. Other Public Adjusters say they handle everything: Hail, Fire, Flood, Earthquake, Hurricane, Theft, Riot and Tornado. We specialize in storm damage only with a focus on hail damage to roofs. We do not take on fire, flood, earthquake, theft, or riot.  Our speciality is hail damage to roofs.

The Public Adjusting industry has treated all cases as the same market segment and hasn’t innovated in 100 years. Hopefully now the rest of the Public Adjusting industry will begin to specialize and follow our lead and focus on the areas they do best as well.

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