Why insurance companies don’t like Public Adjusters
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Time is not on your side. There is a statute of limitations for filing your case and insurance companies are trying to delay this.

Insurance companies know once you have a Public Adjuster on your side, they may have to pay out your claim to you. Insurance companies are all about profit. If they paid out every legitimate claim, they would go broke. Their profit comes from denying claims or delaying claims. The longer they wait to pay out, the more money they make off of the interest. Kind of like a bank. They are holding on to your money.

They may try and make you feel like they are helping you out by offering a small sum to cover damages. If they offer a small some early, they find policy holders are more likely to accept and move on. So they underpay a lot of claims.

They also will deny a lot of legitimate claims and say you’re not covered for those types of damages even though you are. They make your insurance policy long and confusing so they can get away with this. Many policy holders just assume their insurance company is right and move on.

But a Public Adjuster is your insurance policy expert. We dig through your insurance policy to figure out how to get you covered. We document your storm damage and prove your coverages for those damages. Then we negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf.

But why are they more likely to pay me with a Public Adjuster?

Other Public Adjusters may make a lot of promises. They say they will be fighting your insurance company for you. They will say they know the secrets to get your claim paid. If they can’t tell you exactly what they will be doing, I would be skeptical.

The real secret is that you can win your claim on your own. It takes a lot of work. I have talked to homeowners who have won their case on their own. You’ll be on the phone for hours trying to figure out the right person to talk to. They make the process difficult to navigate and hope you’ll give up. 

You are hiring us to save you time and as experts on storm cases like yours. We know how to navigate the process. But we do have a little more leverage than you would.

Insurance companies know that Public Adjusters don’t give up. Once you sign up with a Public Adjuster, we have an interest in getting that claim paid. We don’t get paid if we don’t win your case. We only get a percentage (between 5% and 10%) of the money we win for you. So we have to win the case for us to make money.

If your insurance company still doesn’t pay out, they know that once the date for the statute of limitations approaches, the case could go to appraisal, arbitration, and/or litigation. That can be costly for them and for you. So they would like to avoid that unless the profit out weighs those costs.

So you fight for my case?

We believe in having a good working relationship with your insurance carrier. I don’t like the word fight because it implies arguing and using hard tactics. There is no need to get upset with them and in fact that will probably make them want to payout even less.

This is a negotiation and we can respectfully talk to your carrier to figure out a settlement. We then work up the chain of command until we are able to talk to a decision maker. It just takes time and that is time you save when you use us.

So while insurance companies don’t like us, we keep it cordial. They know we are on your side so that is the leverage they are worried about.

Here is the key thing here: Insurance companies have time on their side because the statute of limitations will run up within 1-2 years on your case. We slow that time down by devoting all our time to your case and being persistent.

What even is a Public Adjuster?

You probably hadn’t heard of Public Adjusters until you needed one. Most homeowners don’t know what a Public Adjuster is until their insurance company denied their claim.

It’s a confusing job title too. What is an Adjuster? It’s almost very inside baseball, industry speak lingo. An insurance Adjuster investigates insurance claims. You may have talked with an adjuster at your insurance company.

We are a Public Adjuster. A public adjuster works for you, the policy holder. We have licenses in the states we work that allow us to investigate and negotiate your underpaid or denied insurance claim with your carrier.

Feel free to reach out to us and we can answer any questions!

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