Why Our Reputation Matters
client handshake

The best asset anyone can have is a good reputation. This goes for business as well. A business should bring value to clients and this means doing the right thing. This may cost a business in the short term and hurt the bottom line. But long term we believe in building good relationships.

Of course we want to have you as a customer. But using high pressure sales tactics is not the answer. If it takes a hard sell to win a customer over by over promising, you will be let down. And that’s not good for anyone. We are confident in the job we will do for you to win your claim but if we don’t win your case you won’t pay anything.

I think if we are upfront about the process then you will be satisfied in the end. This starts with turning a stressful situation into making this as easy as possible for you. If we aren’t giving you the best experience, we want to make it right. We would deal with the issue until you are happy.

I am a process person but it should be the right process for you. We should have a good relationship with you along the way. This means always being available to answer your questions and solve your problems.

We will never choose short term gain over a relationship. Word gets around and a bad reputation can quickly form. If we can make one person happy, more people will choose us and we can help even more people. This is an industry that should help people get the money they deserve on their repairs. If there are more happy clients, that is success.

We spent a year creating this business before launching it. We looked at all the little details to build a perfect brand. I believe Big Blue Claims will one day be the most trusted name in the industry. For all the work put into it, I wouldn’t risk the reputation for one minute.

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